Good Intentions


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    Good Intentions: The Road to Hell Series, Book 1

    Good intentions are the story of the one being who has lost the true home, lost everything because of war and now that when there is a chance to go to the other side where everything took place, the victims never knew what they would see on the other side when they left their home.

    Though it is quite obvious that all the things were destroyed during the war but now when  the chance is there the one who returns is more terrified because the truth is far uglier, far more painful and far more disturbing than the way it was thought when on the other side of the war where they have taken refuge from it.

    Most people wanted to help other on the war side but when they get there they regret why they re seeing all this and what they could do to save everything that is, still left in that war, struck the side of the nation.

    Good Intentions

    Brenda K Davies has wonderfully sketched the scenario so that people could feel the agony that that is there with the war struck places and how people get to know the bad truths even if they have some good intentions to deal with the pain and they may want to help the others in pain.

    The fact is that you will be getting sucked into the story and you will experience what people could have experienced in war. When River gets to Kobal leaving other with her behind she will see, what she wanted to see and how the part is destroyed due to the enormous fight.  The story is narrated by Sonja Field who surely takes you to the trip with perfect voice effects that let you feel the agony and the pain River has to deal with when she sees the demons, the beats and the various torn pieces of the city she left due to war. This book is the first one from the series The Road to Hell. If you want to listen to other such stories you may also listen to  Awakened, Fractured and Enraptured.

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