Trackers 3: The Storm


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    Tracking has been a tough job for Marcus and Raven Spears because the country is under attack and the enemy has destroyed something which cannot be built easily. All the defense system of the country has been compromised. There are power failures that have caused further damage to the law and order situation of the country.

    Marcus and Raven have gone old school i.e they are trying to block the roads to stop the enemy from getting inside. The new technological devices such as security cameras as walkthrough doors are not working anymore. During The Hunted Defense Secretary Charlize lost her son for a while. It was Marcus and Raven who tracked the little boy and brought him back safe and sound to his mother. The boy is safe now but it is temporary because the enemies are coming from all sides.

    Trackers 3: The Storm

    Charlize decides to shift the boy to a safe camp where they would be secured but reaching the camp is not easy especially when she is without her trusted bodyguard i.e Albert Randal. Randal has been with the Secretary all his life but now he is out there somewhere looking for his sister.

    So it is back to Marcus and Raven to secure the boy and his mother once again. Nicholas Sansbury Smith has portrayed a situation in each novel that is becoming worse after every passing day. During Trackers, people were not so barbaric but here different groups have been formed by different people. Survival is the key for everyone and they are ready to do anything for this purpose, the trackers have just one mission in mind i.e take the Secretary and her family to the safe house. Bronson Pinchot gives the usual routine sound in narration and the story at this level is going nowhere.

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