The Hunted: Trackers, Book 2

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Marcus Colton, the chief of police of a small town has been facing a lot of hardships over the past weeks and he just cannot decide which problem he should solve first. Not only is this small town rather the whole nation facing calamities in different forms. North Korea is behind everything and the damage because of the electromagnetic pulse has just increased more than expected.

The capital of the United States is badly stung by the enemy and the forces need to regroup if they want to answer back to the enemy in the same way. But in the country things are going out of control and lawlessness is on the rise. Marcus along with the tracker Raven Spears is still in Colorado and he has ample work because of which he cannot pay attention to the major issues of the state. Still, they are dragged into it when author Nicholas Sansbury Smith adds the situation related to the Secretary of Defense.

The Secretary loses her son in this scenario and she does not have any idea who has committed the crime. With all the law enforcing agencies busy with tough tasks, she asks for Raven and Marcus. To search for Ty other law enforcers also land in Colorado and during the investigation, they observe certain deadly secrets related to the state. Bronson Pinchot had to deal with a lot of characters here during narration and doing justice with each of the characters was tough. The Extinction Cycle Boxed Set and The Trackers Series Box Set could be a nice addition to the book rack. These box sets are not only good for collection but they also consist of excellent books which can help you spend your leisure time.

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