Trackers, Book 1


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    Trackers, Book 1

    A police officer and a local tracker find themselves walking on the same path suddenly when they were not ready for it. Marcus Colton the chief of police disliked Sam who happens to be a tracker. It was not the profession of tracking that teased Marcus rather the personality of Sam used to pinch him. Most of the time Marcus used to wish i.e not to see Sam but the case of the missing girl forces him to take Sam’s help for the search. During their search in the forest, the two got the time to understand each other in a better way.

    Trackers, Book 1

    None of them ever expected that they would need each other so soon. Nicholas Sansbury Smith brings in the use of science in the story with the mentioning of the electromagnetic pulse attack. The attack causes a big power failure in the entire city. Narrator Bronson Pinchot narrates the shivering sound of the senator who can guess what is coming as the night is taking over.

    It is up to the tracking party once again to track down the enemy before things go out of control and massive damage is done. Sam and Marcus start the mission like a wild ghost chase but later everything starts making sense for them. For the first part, the novel was superb for the listeners. The Trackers Series Box Set can also be ordered instead of the next part because in this way a listener does not have to invest a lot of money in the buying of different parts. Techniques of tracking are also highlighted in the different parts of the series because of which suspense never leaves the series. Trackers, Book 1


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