Horus Rising


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Horus Rising is a book written by Dan Abnett. It is part 1 of The Horus Heresy novel series. The book and the entire subject series is a contemporary science fiction, which has some amazing content, including a powerful storyline and super awesome characterization by the author. The narration of this science fiction novel is done by Toby Longworth.

Horus Rising

The contemporary science fiction novel is set in a futuristic time. It is set in the 31st millennium. Under the leadership of the Immortal Emperor, things were drastic and the Imperium of Man has stretched far and wide across the galaxy. This time is considered as a notable and a golden age in the discovery and conquest of new thins.

But just now, right at the very eve of victory, the Immortal Emperor has no choice but to leave the lines, entrusting the considerable and the significant crusade to Horus, who is his most lovable and favorite son. He got promoted soon to Warmaster.

Horus Rising

Is it possible for the idealistic Horus in order to carry out and actually execute all the super grand plans of the Emperor? Or does this promotion has have something really surprising for him? Will this promotion lays the foundation for dissent among all his brothers? This was the million dollar question to be answered and this is what leads the story further.

The author Dan Abnett has written a number of top quality fictional novels, which helped him to earn great reputation as a top tier fictional writer. If you are convinced to read more from the writer, then a couple of recommended ones from the author are First and Only and Xenos.


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