Of Slicing Men



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    Of Slicing Men The Good Guys, Book 14 By: Eric Ugland


    Remember when we hastily promoted Montana as ready for the political big leagues? Yeah, turns out that was a bit premature.

    Our hairy hero has really stepped in it now. Like risk-losing-his-dukedom-and-everything-he’s-worked-for level stepped in it.

    His only way out? An obscure technicality that halts Senate business and sends Montana on what’s likely an insurmountable quest. One where the odds are good he’ll either permanently die or accidentally commit treason against the Empire.


    Can Montana single-handedly stop the Dark Queen’s army and buy time for Glaton? Will he do enough to spare Coggeshall from the circling aristocratic vultures? And will he finally recover the god-sword he lost on day one in Vuldranni?

    Of Slicing Men showcases The Good Guys at its best: gory battles, surprise tactics and unexpected heroes. Come for the expansive campaign play and rich character development. Stay for the stupid banter and demonic inch worms.

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