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The Enigma Game

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The Enigma Game is a teen and young adult fiction novel. It is written by Elizabeth Wein. She is a quality author of fiction novels who has written equally good stories for children and young adults. Her best book for children and young adults is Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron. Another recommended book that Elizabeth Wein has written is The Enigma Game.

The audio narration of this book is done by Elizabeth Wein and Angela Ness. The performance was really exciting and enjoyable. You will find this one to be easy to listen to with absolutely no issues at all.

The story of this book is set in 1940. The 15 years old Louisa was desperate to fight back after spending her time in an endless war. She was serious about making a difference and doing something considerable for escaping the ghosts of her parents. They got killed due to the action of the enemies.

But, when she said yes to a position in a caring facility in Germany to look after an elderly woman. The place was Windyedge, a small village in Scotland. That appeared hardly like any notable contribution. The far felt a lot closer to her in Scotland. There she met a few new people who were facing a bombardment of enemy attacks and indestructible code which they couldn’t anticipate at all.

The Enigma Game

The paths of all those converged when a German pilot came to that village under highly mysterious circumstances. He planted a key that took Louisa to an unprecedented and an unparalleled discovery, which was of an Enigma machine used for translating German code…

The author did a fantastic job with all the detailing of the story here. The narration was also wonderful and that made this audiobook an enjoyable listening experience.


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