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    Thomas Benigno’s tale is based on a real story no doubt but the garnishing of words and the description of the situations and scenes is what makes it more appealing to the mind. If it has been presented as a simple biography it would have lost the spice that it contains now. The narration by Dan Triandiflou also has helped a lot in making the whole thing a big emotional dram ideal for presenting on the big screen.

    The story also has a motive i.e you cannot bury your past or you cannot run away from what you really are from the inside. A lawyer’s everyday routine is the first thing that we observe in the story that is new in the field but is attached to his profession perhaps too seriously. He is so serious in his profession that he never leaves a case without solving and winning it. Still running from the family past as well the lawyer finds himself confronting the famous Spiderman rapist case in which he holds a different opinion than the rest.

    He is of the view that the one who committed suicide was not the original criminal and that the case is not close. He must go to the underworld in order to solve the case and this time his family’s past is something that will pave the way for him in the underworld as his family shares a mafia history which he has always tried to hide. The story wonderfully takes the lawyer back to his family trade, which he thinks he has to adopt if he wants to get the original criminal punished for his ill doings.     

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