The Damned


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    Nicholas Sansbury Smith comes to the fourth part of the thriller where the heroes are being outnumbered continuously. Marcus who was leading the team of the trackers is now in prison which means that the team that was trying to save the town is one man short. It is Sheriff Mike who has thrown Marcus into the dungeons and now everyone knows that everything is the result of the doing of two police officers.

    These two men have betrayed not only their town but the whole nation. Raven Spears feels that he is isolated and has to face the toil of defending the land all by himself. Luckily he gets the support of Captain Lindsey who is also a hotshot and together the two plan for one last stand against the enemy. Estes Park is in a state of war and no one is coming from the outside to help the locals because the whole country is scattering into bits.

    The Damned

    If something is not done fast there is a threat that everything will collapse for the people of the United States. Secretary of Defense Charlize is also playing her role and she is fully aware that they need to get things back on the line fast otherwise the rival gangs are getting stronger each day. Things that were a threat in The Hunted and Trackers 3: The Storm has become a reality now. In Bronson Pinchot’s voice, we listen about the emergence of terrorist squads in Estes Park and they are trying to dominate the police teams. Dark hours have only one sign of hope i.e the team which the tracker is leading.

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