The 6:20 Man


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    The 6:20 Man is a suspenseful mystery thriller novel by David Baldacci. He is an attorney by education and by profession and a full-time author. He is mainly into writing mystery suspense and legal thrillers. He did a good job as an author with the writing of his Memory Man novel. Apart from this, Dream Town is another stellar novel from the series.

    The audio narration of the subject novel is done by Zachary Webber, Christine Lakin, and Mela Lee. These are all highly proficient narrators and the performance turned out to be brilliant as well. Zachary deserves a special mention here.

    The 6:20 Man

    Travis Devine on daily basis used to wear a cheap suit. He also grabs his briefcase and takes the 6:20 train going to Manhattan. He worked there in the capacity of an entry-level analyst and that job was at the most prestigious investment firm in the city. During the morning train rides, he used to look out of the window at the lavish properties of the wealthy while always dreaming about being one of them. In the evenings, he used to take out his phone for listening to the fiscal news. His tedious routine one morning got shattered when he received an anonymous email with the content: She is dead.

    Sara Ewes was their coworker of Devine and she was also his former girlfriend. She was found hanging in the storage facility of his office building. It was presumed to be a suicide and that prompted the NYPD to come calling on Devine. This was followed by another ominous visit which was a threat to scour up the forbidding secrets from his past life when he was in the army unless he willingly become part of the investigation into his firm.

    The ex-military protagonist of David Baldacci in this novel has been outstanding. The story will effortlessly grip your attention and it will make you feel like listening to this novel again and again.

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