The Dragon’s Egg


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    The Dragon’s Egg: Dragonfall, Book 1

    Derek Perkins is one of those narrators who has a very long list of fans so his voice always gives an extra edge to the story. Previously Derek has narrated books by David A. Wells such as Linkershim and Reishi Adept thus the narrator is quite skilled in such kind of books. Series starts with the news of meteorites hitting the surface of the earth. Everyone on earth thought that the five ball like objects that hit the surface of the world were nothing more than rocks. Actually those rocks like objects were dragon eggs.

    The Dragon's Egg

    When dragons came out of those eggs they were quite weak so they decided to hide themselves from the people of the world. Meanwhile they started manipulating the people of the world by providing them wealth and magic. Then the time came when the dragons were strong enough to take over the world so they came out of their hidings and started massive killings. In a single blow nine billion humans were killed and this was just the beginning.

    The Dragon's Egg

    Four warriors rose from the side of the humans with the help of a rebel dragon and they started a war against the dragons. The war continued for many years until the heroes and the dragons died one by one. At the end of the war only one dragon was able to survive but that one dragon had the power to tame the rest of the mankind in just a single blow. For mankind the days of slavery return once again and this time they have no hope for victory or even survival because the enemy is not an ordinary human.

    The Dragon’s Egg

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