Quest for the Hidden City


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    Quest for the Hidden City – Star Wars: The High Republic

    Star Wars takes everyone into a world where humans are hard to find but the figures present in the story are all human like. Almost everyone is engaged in a war and the allies are pretty hard to find. Those who have allies also have a threat that their allies might deceive them at any point. George Mann takes us back to the era when the Clone Wars were not fought. This was the era when the Republic was strengthening itself and the pilots were finding new routes in space.

    The Pathfinder teams were moving here and there in the galaxy in order to find new worlds and then inviting them to join the Republic. The missions were going quite fine initially and then one of the Pathfinder teams vanished and its communication to the base was altered.

    Jedi Knight Silandra and her Padawan were hired to search for the missing crew and their investigation took them to planet Gloam. It was a place where only monsters could survive and they were hiding in an underground city.

    Quest for the Hidden City


    Silandra and her Padawan don’t know what they are dealing with and also they are not sure whether the team they are looking for is alive or not. Only the truth buried at the bottom of the planet can answer all of these questions.

    Doctor Who: Engines of War and Star Wars: The Battle of Jedha (The High Republic) are other delighting stories by the author and these are not just stories rather they are doorways to another dimension. Subhadra Newton is quite good at narrating female characters and the narrator had the luxury in this book that the main characters were female.

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