Pretty Monsters


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    Kelly Link imagines a lot and this novel is another imaginative, thrilling story that carries a lot of characters and story plot that is unforgettable. You can enjoy all the characters and the events that are going to capture the minds of the readers so that they will not be leaving the novel in the middle and will be listening to the end so that the essence of the novel is clear enough to take interest into it.

    Pretty Monsters

    Everything that is there makes sure there is a second chance to into things in another way other than it seems or appears to be for a common person. Your imagination will be changed as soon as you will be listening to this novel because you will be knowing another angle of everything that is there around you and will be indulging yourself into the story as if you are part of it.

    The collection of stories is actually a collection of wonderful characters imagining the people around in different ways so that they can view in a dramatic way and all will be enjoying in different ways.

    You may listen to the characters The Faery Handbag who depicts a teenager whereas The surfer who is a soccer player,  and many other interesting things that will let you roam your imagination. Perfect for the teenagers who may enjoy their power of extreme imagination, they can now enjoy their spare time in a wonderful way so that can spend their time while thriving their extreme power to get into the scenes ina different yet more interesting ways as compared to the usual things around.

    Starlight – Richard Wagamese and Absolute Proof – Peter James would be perfect for such readers and would be great books to listen to after this imaginative masterpiece.


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