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Blood on Satan’s Claw

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Mixing up the horror and suspense in this novel, the story continues to attract the readers because of its unearthly characters and all the aspects of the story plot making people get indulged into it while listening to the story till its end.

The Bafflegab production offers to influence dramas and audible story content and this novel is another horror, thriller that keeps the listeners involved with the characters and the story events that make sure to implant fear among the readers that they may not escape easily.In this novel, the story has been stringed back to the 17th century England when people use,d to lead a simple life.

But one day a skull appears when a farmer was plowing in the field and wandering around. As soon as the skull is discovered, it gets disappeared and after that, the evil effects start appearing in the village of HexBridge.

Blood on Satan’s Claw

The village of Hexbridge which was previously a blooming place now start turning into a massively distorted place where nothing will be kept alive or in the good shape.

Rather, the land will be dewelled by the evil spirits and the satan is about to descend there. Due to the evil impact of the skull, the fields start ruining and the vegetables and fruits start getting rotten leaving no food to thrive on, behind. In addition to that the kids start becoming different as the patches offer start appearing and soon the village become more like a hell.

The listeners can feel the chills and thrill while enjoying the unusual happening there as well. Sooner or later the condition may seem to get better but in the start, all thing goes like this. More such books including  Pretty Monsters – Kelly Link and The Last Hellfighter – Thomas S Flowers are good for creating horror filled scenarios as well.




Ruth’s Journey

Pretty Monsters


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