Fallen Honor – A Jesse McDermitt Novel


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    Wayne Stinnett is an American author and has got 20 novels so far to his credit. Some non-fictional books are also written by him, which made a good identification of the author. His novels are mainly the mystery thrillers where suspense is a key element in most of them. Rising Water: A Jesse McDermitt Novel and Fallen Hunter: A Jesse McDermitt Novel are interest books from the author

    Fallen Honor – A Jesse McDermitt Novel is part 7 of his Caribbean Adventure saga. This mystery thriller has got a fascinating story and it is beautifully narrated in audio format. Credit goes to Nick Sullivan for the narration, where his powerful and stern voice did the trick for him and the author.

    Wayne Stinnett is a veteran US Marine Corps and so is his prime character of Jesse McDermitt. The sultry summer of Key West is not for the faint-hearted. Michael Grabowski, however is running in the heat from a cocaine dealer of Pittsburgh. The cocaine dealer is chasing with the intent of killing him in a very painful and slow manner. Key West is actually the end of the road with a dead end.

    Fallen Honor - A Jesse McDermitt Novel

    Jesse McDermitt is a retired marine. He enjoys the summer heat of the place and also the tranquility of his small island home in the back country. When he finds out that the would-be killer of Michal is linked with the recent killings in Bahamas, he agrees to help Michal. Jesse use to hate murderers, drug dealers and the smelly monsters running in his territory. Specifically, when one among those is behind the destruction of his lovable boat.

    An intense gun battle happens and things get extremely serious. Will Jesse manage to clear out his territory from the murderers?

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