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    So many times Alexander has faced troubles which cannot be easily explained in words but he has survived every time. It was his zeal that made him stand against the test of time and now he has reached a point from where there is no turning back. Perhaps turning back was never an option that he gave to himself but still he wanted to live and didn’t want the kind of death which awaits him in this final chapter.

    The hero of Thinblade and Blood of the Earth has become very weak and his wounds are not healing nor he is given time by his opponents to get well before the final fight. David A. Wells writes this final chapter in the form of a tragedy at the initial level and then hope appears in a different form for the hero. In the mountains of Andalia.

    Isabel too is in grave danger in this final chapter because Phane has finally learn how to use Isabel’s link with the dark world for his own advantage. Everything happens so quickly that Alexander cannot understand anything about these changes. Instead of thinking about his own psychological and physical condition, Alexander starts his journey towards Isabel because she needs his help more than ever.

    Reishi Adept

    Derek Perkins started the narration of this series long ago and here he has performed this final duty awesomely. No listener can hint towards any error in the narration of the series because it is done with extreme care by Derek. There were several guesses about the ending but it was different and also according to the expectations of the fans.

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