Four to Score

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Janet Evanovich writes serious stuff of this series in a way that it looks funny to the audience. The author has used such a style to make the series appear less corrosive for the regular listeners. For the children, it is not recommended because at times the stories like One for the Money: International Edition and Two for the Dough possess certain indecent words that are not good for kids. The stories are finely narrated by C.J. Critt with great detail till the end. Here as well while describing the top-ranked bounty hunter the author talks about the condoms which she carries along with a pistol. This is entirely funny that why she is carrying both of these things during her missions.

Then Joe Morelli is with her now and she is absurdly attracted towards him too which is surprising for those who have listened to the first and second part. In this part, she is not worried about all these things rather she is in search of a waitress who is out there somewhere looking for her revenge.

To catch that waitress, Plumb takes the help of Mazur who is seventy-three years of age and then there is a hooker and a musician too who are helping her in her mission. All of the team members have their personal goals too which they want to achieve. As the story moves on certain realities about all the characters also get disclosed by the author. No one tells the truth in the beginning but in the course of the story, everyone is forced to speak the truth when it is needed.

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