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The Lord of Vik-Lo

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Thorgrim fought hard in the battle field and luckily he and his friends won the first round of the wars that started with the beginning of the series. Not only Thorgrim won the battle but with it he also won a fortune in the form of a big Viking ship and a crew with which he can move ahead in the future. He is not like other warriors who are always greedy of getting more and more though the blood shedding. After being victorious he has plans to return to his native land for a pleasant and placid life.

However it is not us who have the ability to form our fate because it is in the hands of the gods. Gods had other plans for the hero who after a marvelous performance in Fin Gall – A Novel of Viking Age Ireland wants to rest for a while.

The Lord of Vik-Lo

James L. Nelson’s hero is not the demon sort but he would be forced to unleash that demon that is present in him right from birth although he himself is unaware of it. Unable to distinguish between friend and foe the Norsemen and their leader Thorgrim come to Vik-lo’s king who happens to be the father of Harald a close friend of Thorgrim.

The king however instead of welcoming them has a plan of getting rid of both of them in a single blow along with their trusted men. Narrated in the sentimental voice of Shaun Grindell the novel is not only sensational but is full of the feelings of love and hate. Development is unique and one cannot expect when the dramatic twist will appear.



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