Bad Mommy


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    Scary and creepy little story by the master of thrillers Tarryn Fisher who paints an extraordinary thing out of nowhere. Just simple happenings turn into a mystery and raise the element of thrill to the maximum. Nothing odd or fictional is ever introduced at the start and then the novel starts toying with our mind and thoughts. The idea is also unique however such thoughts make us think a little negative about society at times.

    We start feeling insecure among the people who are close to us, like our neighbors and colleagues. Fig Coxbury an ordinary woman next door also appears to be quite friendly for the family that is the ideal sort in the whole neighborhood. Then all of a sudden the truth is revealed through her monologue, she is actually facing certain psychological issues. She wants a perfect life but that life is blessed to the lady who lives next door.

    Bad Mommy

    She never just bought the house by chance she intentionally purchased that house so that she can keep an eye on that happy family. She wants the perfect house with the perfect husband and child. But for all this she has to get rid of the woman who already exists among the family. Things become dangerous than ever deadlier than The Wives and F*ck Marriage because the enemy is hidden though apparently exists in front of the eyes.

    Split personality issue is quite obvious in such cases and narrated by the help of different voices like that of Brittany Pressley, Carly Robins and Lance Greenfield. Not much attention is given to personalities of the secondary character because they are there only to fill up the open space that’s all.

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