Necroscope 3 – The Source


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    Science and the bloodthirsty world of the vampires are combined well in the tale which takes us to the Russian military base where there lies a portal that can serve as a gateway to another dimension where vampires are in power and they are eager to pounce on the opportunity to enter in the human world where they can quench their thirst for a long time by feeding on the blood of the human race that could help them breed their race for the coming future.

    The base is attacked by Jazz Simmons who just wanted to investigate the Russian plans first of all but later when he comes to know about the portal and is thrown into it by the Russian he sends his last message to the person whom he trusts the most i.e Harry Keogh who has certain powers of his own as well. Harry somehow understands the message which clearly hints toward an attack on the vampire world before they invade the human world and makes human survival impossible in the near future. Harry with his team enters the vampire realm but he faces a problem that he didn’t expect to face, his powers to summon the dead becomes useless in a world that is full of dead and half dead creatures that suck the blood of the living.

    Necroscope 3 - The Source

    Brian Lumley in this third part of the series takes the story to the world of the vampire which was not shown to it full strength in the previous parts that took place in the human world mostly. The description has become more corrosive and the narration by James Langton keeps a good pace with it all through the journey from one realm to the other.   

    Other books liked by readers are ack (Leech, book 2) – James Crawford, The Last Dawn – The Last War book 3 – Peter Bostrom and Deliverance – James Dickey.

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