The Sinful Scot


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    This is the third instalment of the series and again the audience hears the sound of Justine Eyre in the narration. The narrator has also narrated The Devilish Duke and The Elusive Earl which makes the voice quite familiar for the audience. It is good that the series went on with the same narrator because most of the time a change in voice makes the story lose its impact on the audience. Connie needed to marry a duke who could provide her the comfort which she dreamed of in her life.

    When she married the duke of her choice she thought that days of happiness have finally approached but she was wrong. The duke was a monster with whom she had to spend her life to eternity.

    The Sinful Scot

    In order to present a nice picture of her marriage in front of public, Connie decided to portray a fake look i.e the one that would depict that she was happy with her life. One day she wakes up and finds that her husband who was sleeping next to him has been murdered. This horrifies her and she thinks that her life is also in danger after this attack

    Dr. Alec who has been Connie’s friend in her early age appears on the scene and starts protecting her because she was the only one he ever loved. As the two move together, the author Maddison Michaels knits her favourite portion of the story i.e the one filled with love. Connie after a long time feels free in her life and she thinks that she possesses the chance to select a new lover for herself.

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