The Prince



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    Among all the authors of the world, Niccolo Machiavelli is perhaps the best one who has described the utilitarian approach in life. Instead of talking about something fictional or discussing anything which might have linked with the ideal world of dreams, the author has preferred to write about reality. Writing about reality or the truth is difficult most of the time and most authors don’t want to write about it because it looks quite tough to digest when it is in written form.

    Machiavelli has not faced such kinds of difficulties rather the author has the skill to present such things in an appealing way. This is one of the best books which the author has ever created in his lifetime and he tells us through this book the things that are needed to become a prince. Lorenzo de Medici was the ruling prince when the author wrote this book and it was for the purpose of resolving some disputes with him.

    The Prince

    Later the book became something of universal appeals like The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and The First 90 Days, Updated and Expanded. The author tells how a person can gain power so that he can start ruling an empire. The way a ruler can get the loyalties at a certain level is all written in different chapters of this book. Even today when centuries have passed, this book stands as a guiding star for the governments of the world.

    Young students studying politics can understand the difference between an idealistic thing and reality through this book. The author has also given examples from different historic rules in order to make us understand his point of view.

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