One Tiny Lie

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Livie Cleary has only her father’s promise to live with because her father is not with her anymore and after the tragic accident all she is doing is to try to gather her. Her father wanted that she should make her mark in the world and in order to make her dead father proud the girl don’t wastes her time with her friends. Also she is not the party animal sort who would waste all night with a glass of vine in hand.

Her friends are limited and she has high aims of going to the medical college after her high school. Livie succeeds in getting to the medical school but then comes Ashton not in her life but in her view and she just cannot tell that whether it is love at first sight or hate at first sight. Ashton is not the sort that she wanted for herself but still something about the boy just pinches her all the time.

Moreover he becomes the roommate with Connor, the boy Livie likes. With these mixed emotions about different people in the college Livie continues towards her target of getting a medical diploma and marrying a handsome man after that.

Towards the middle of her career struggle she comes to know that she never had the potential for all of this and her grades will land her nowhere. Thus instead of trying to keep up with her promise she is committed to break it so that she can live free and can love Ashton if she wants to. After a long while in K.A. Tucker we get the flavor of The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart the love is forcing the main character to experiment in her life. Elizabeth Louise is also not following the style of the previous novel the narrator is narrating with a special love aroma this time.

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