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The word “Bane” in the novel represents a person who is too good to be true for the girls, the man is a perfect lady killer and that is what he does. For a livelihood and enjoyment he blackmails them after trapping them in the web of his lies. It is easy for a man who possesses the gift of the gab. Not only because Bane looks dashing when he is surfing naked but also his manners grab girls within seconds, they know that the man is known for his lies still the risk all. To be with him as long as they can is the primary objective for which they pay him their husband’s money even.

Jesse Carter is the exact opposite type of a character who does not like such kind of men or in reality she does not like any kind of men and their company. She never went close to Bane, it was he who sniffed her presence and then was on to it like a flash. He thinks that she needs to be charmed, but she is not in the mood.


Bane shows his loyalty and changed behavior to her but because of his past reputation she thinks that it is all a big drama that’s all. In her heart however she starts creeping towards a man who is no doubt a real magnet for the ladies. L. J. Shen is moving along well after the first part Vicious , the narration is without any change both Christian and Savannah Peachwood march ahead in the campaign.

Thus no running away from these two and a change in narration at this level would also be unacceptable.



Stuart Little


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