The Darkest Hour


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    Warriors were selecting sides in the previous books and now they are ready for the war that was told through prophesy. This series has been about the rise and fall of warrior cats and among them is one who now rises to the status of a legend i.e Fireheart. Fireheart is now with the name Firestar which means that now he leads the Thunder Clan.

    Time of joy however is still not there because the war is upon them, Tigerclaw too has risen in status among the enemies and he is back for revenge. Whole forest can end as a result of this terrible fight that has fell upon the warrior cats but they can save their clans if they finally show unity that they are in dire need of. Fight starts and legend enter the war zone from both sides, after a long fight the heroes get the upper hand but not because of cleverness rather because of their unity.

    The Darkest Hour

    Erin Hunter finally gives the chance to the clans to sort out their issues so that they can fight together with their common enemy. Also the novel is garnished with lofty words and sentiments that make the listener emotional about the cat society. MacLeod Andrews’ narration breaks all records here in dealing with the sentiments and emotions.

    MacLeod did not give much time to emotions and enthusiasm in Into the Wild and Fire and Ice but here depicting such scenes were his primary goal. Prophesies also play a vital role in the final fight, one thing here is note worthy i.e not all the prophecies get fulfilled exactly some are turned by the heroic deeds.

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