The Perfect Neighbors

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    Though every family has a skeleton in the closet that it wants to keep hidden in a big way but sometime the secret becomes so destructive that it engulfs the whole locality in it. Newport Cove the safest countryside in America is an ideal place to live a quiet and calm life.

    Each street is ideally decorated and named after different flowers; cool and calm life is enjoyed with parties at the weekend. The place still has mysteries linked to different people for example Kellie a house wife joining an office for the first time in her life cannot get out of the attentions of the male member in her office.

    The Perfect Neighbors

    Though she tries a lot but the man although married is not willing to move away from her without making any sort of relation. Thus things are not what they seem for her in the office and at home as well.

    Susan who happens to be Kellie’s neighbor cannot get her ex-husband out of her mind and this she still wastes her time by keeping an eye on him and his newly made girl friend. In all this scenario of secret affairs a new family comes to town that though looks friendly but suddenly suspicion arouses in the mind of the whole locality.

    The new family never invites anyone to their house which means that they are hiding more than one can imagine. Sarah Pekkanen in the voice of Madeleine Maby presents domestic and social issues like never before even author’s previous books like The Wife Between Us and An Anonymous Girl never touched topic related to the social life of the people. Also more than one person or families are focused in the novel which means that it is more dynamic as compared to the rest of writer’s books.






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