The Wife Between Us

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The Wife Between Us is a beautiful novel to give you a joyful literary ride. It is written by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen equally supported with her part in crafting this highly grasping novel. It is a mystery thriller with some amazing suspense, which will mesmerize you right till the ending of this novel. It was made even more interesting with the powerful narration of Julia Whelan.

The Wife Between Us became a huge sensation after it got published and became an instant hit and a top seller in New York Times.

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The experience of listening to this audio book is awesome. You will make a lot of assumptions all through its narration. It is just the level of suspense that you will experience within.

Your first assumption would be that as if you are listening to a tale that revolves around a jealous ex-wife. You will also assume initially as if the woman is extremely fixated with her replacement as a wife. The ex-husband is actually involved with a young, beautiful and extremely attractive woman, with whom he is about to get married. You will also assume right at the same time that you are well aware about the composition of this love triangle and where actually this tangled relationship is going. If you are assuming all this, then it is better to assume nothing.

There are a lot of twists and turns to surprise you. The plot of this novel is beautifully chilling and you will have a great time.

Mystery thrillers from the author are exciting and you will find them quite engaging and full of suspense. A couple of recommended novels from the author are An Anonymous Girl and You Are Not Alone.


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