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    It is the ninth episode and the crew is as fit as it was seen in the first part of the series. They have seen the death and decaying of human bodies along with it. So far they have been successful in saving the world a million times and they want to continue with their efforts in the future.

    Juan and his team are doing it for money but their main objective has been to help those in distress. When a person in need yells for help Oregon crew is there in a flash although the missions have been related to the sea mostly they are not shy to go on the land too. Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul created breathtaking stories like The Silent Sea and The Jungle and this is another one for the collection that is narrated by Scott Brick.


    History link is once again created by the author when he talks about the year 1943. During that year a scientist named Nikola Tesla created something huge for the destruction of mankind. The device was related to the electromagnetic stuff and through its radiation, any ship in the ocean can vanish within seconds.

    The experiment was a success but no more importance was given to the project later because Nikola Tesla died the same year. Now Juan hears about the same kind of thing but it is in the hands of the enemy. There is a threat that the enemy now has the notes of Nikola which were lost after his death. Oregon leaves the harbor in haste but they are afraid that they might not be able to stop the enemy this time.

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    The Jungle



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