The Night Diary



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    Publisher’s Summary: Embark on a poignant and uplifting journey reminiscent of Inside Out and Back Again and The War That Saved My Life. This deeply personal and hopeful tale delves into the aftermath of India’s partition and follows one girl’s quest to find a new home in a divided land.

    The year is 1947, and India, newly liberated from British rule, has been split into two nations: Pakistan and India. The separation has ignited intense animosity between Hindus and Muslims, resulting in the tragic loss of countless lives during border crossings.

    Nisha, a twelve-year-old girl of mixed Muslim and Hindu heritage, is caught in the middle of this chaos. She is uncertain of her place in the world or what her country represents anymore. As the situation becomes increasingly perilous in what is now Pakistan, Nisha’s father makes the difficult decision to flee, turning their family into refugees.

    The Night Diary

    Their journey begins by train but soon transitions to a treacherous and arduous path on foot, as they strive to reach their new home. For Nisha, who has already experienced the loss of her mother at a young age, the thought of losing her homeland as well is unimaginable. Despite the shattered fragments of her country, Nisha clings to the hope of reassembling the broken pieces of her own life.

    The Night Diary unfolds through Nisha’s heartfelt letters to her late mother, weaving a poignant narrative of a young girl’s search for home, her quest for self-identity, and her unwavering optimism for a brighter future.

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