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    Elite bodyguard Rhys Larsen lives by two unbreakable rules: protect his clients at all costs, and never become emotionally involved. But Princess Bridget shatters his restraint, tempting him to break every rule for her.

    Though duty-bound to an arranged marriage, Bridget yearns to choose her own fate. When sudden tragedy strikes, she must navigate loyalty and desire, while concealing her heart’s true longing – her stoic, forbidden bodyguard.

    As their connection deepens, textbook protector and princess discover an all-consuming bond. But theirs is a love that could destroy everything when passion collides with obligation.

    Bridget and Rhys play with fire as they balance allegiance and attraction. An unstoppable romance built on secrecy and ruin. For them, only one thing is certain – yielding to temptation comes at an unimaginable price.

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