They Thirst


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    This book is documented by Robert R. McCammon and narrated by Ray Porter and these In the Blood and The Day the World Came to Town are matchless narrations of Ray Porter.

    It seemed to be one more common day in Los Angeles. Then as the sun sat sown Evil as old as the hundreds of years has slipped upon the City of Angels and it comes as a kiss from the alarming however alluring immortals. Gradually from the start then by the armies, the greedy stifle Los Angeles with murderous assurance and the swarms of gigantic casualties consistently mount every evening.

    High above sparkle city, a lethal challenge started. In the rotting palace of a long-dead screen symbol, the couple of staying human survivors get ready to confront the ‘Prince of Evil’ and his sinister devotees. While the actual powers of nature are called into play, disconnecting the city from the remainder of the world and leaving it helpless before the eager for blood vultures of the night.

    They Thirst

    They Thirst is an exemplary vampire harrowing tale. It is very artistically plotted, a decent tale and the portrayal by Ray Porter just adds to its greatness. An exemplary tale has shades of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and shades of ‘The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’. In ‘They Thirst’ as in exemplary Vampire legend, the antiquated vampire of East European beginning for this situation, and Prince Vulcan, who was made a vampire at 17 years old in twelfth-century Hungary, came to America to vanquish the undead and to make a Vampire Army overcome the world.

    While this sounds genuinely vainglorious ‘Robert McCammon’ pulled it off. His account permits the readers to suspend conviction barely enough to become involved with his plot and storyline. However, it is somewhat delayed at the outset as it builds up speed. The story started in Krajeck, Hungary, and closed in the City of the Angels in Southern California. The presentation of Ray Porter adds strength to a very much-created story.

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