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    Neil Gaiman tells the story of a man Richard Mayhew who is a kind-hearted simple man and is living an ordinary life. In his life, nothing is special and everything goes on usual until he stopped by a girl who was wounded and was bleeding on a roadside in London. It was the moment when the life of the character changes and the unknown things starts to come up.

    Neverwhere Audiobook

    The character and the events have been built very carefully where you can feel how the character feels and be a part of the situations in which the man get in.
    Throughout the story, Neil Gaiman narrates who the main character will get a new and entirely changed life when he stops by the girl and what he will see truly amazing and unbelievable as he goes deeper into that state.
    You will feel the dilemma, the agony and all the feelings that the main characters of the story would be going through.
    The story write-up is beautiful and that is why the book has been awarded a best seller and is a fantastic fantasy novel written or those who love going on adventures in stories.
    Along with the beautifully composed story and the wonderful characters that will lead to you to listen to the story till its end, the narration is also done perfectly with the voice that assures you will feel all the emotions and all the events as if you are part of it.
    The author not only writes about fantasy novel but also have written some of the best books that people may find for you to read or listen to.
    You can also listen to the Norse Mythology, American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (A Full Cast Production) and Good Omens for a better time and make sure you enjoy what you listen to.

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