Dead Eleven


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On an eerie island, where an unusual fascination with the year 1994 holds everyone in its grip, a stranger arrives with the hope of uncovering the truth behind her son’s mysterious death. However, little does she know that Clifford Island is a peculiar and insular community governed by complex rules.

Upon discovering the words “Clifford Island” written on her late son’s bedroom floor, Willow Stone becomes intrigued and ventures to this tiny, unknown island located 200 miles away from her home in Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula. Determined to find answers, Willow embarks on her journey.

As Willow spends a few days on Clifford, she soon realizes that this place is far from ordinary. The island’s inhabitants seem perpetually stuck in the year 1994, donning outdated attire, shunning modern technology, and even religiously watching the OJ Simpson car chase every evening. When Willow seeks answers, she faces evasive responses but learns one peculiar directive: closing the curtains at night is crucial.

Dead Eleven

Among the island’s residents is Lily Becker, a high school student who has lived on Clifford her entire life. Disenchanted with the island’s bizarre mythology and stringent rules, Lily wonders why Clifford stands in stark contrast to the normalcy of the mainland. Determined to prove the islanders’ beliefs as fraudulent, Lily sets out to unveil the truth. But what she discovers challenges her convictions.

Five weeks after Willow’s arrival, she mysteriously disappears. In a desperate search for his sister, Harper, Willow’s brother, sets foot on Clifford Island. Unraveling the island’s dark secrets, Harper realizes that Clifford’s sinister nature goes beyond anyone’s imagination, and he is determined to expose it all.

But breaking free from the clutches of the island’s sinister grip may be more challenging than Harper could ever have anticipated. The fate of those who seek the truth on Clifford Island remains uncertain, leaving behind a haunting tale of intrigue and peril.



The Only One Left


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