Felony Murder Rule


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    There is always something terrorizing happening in and around the city that has Mike and Rosie in it as the lawyers who run a firm of their own now. Mysteries that were thought to be unsolvable in the past are now crystal clear in front of the whole town. And all of this has been possible because Mike and his partner who was once his wife came up with clues that never existed in the police record.

    The two have saved the people in the higher ranks and their family as well on a lot of occasions, something they were unable to do as husband and wife. Mike also has changed since the time he left the seat of the priest and now believes on the law more than anything. The couple faced monsters in Perfect Alibi and Judgment Day but not for a moment thought about taking things in their own hands. They are always willing to let the law have its course in every case and in every trail.

    Felony Murder Rule

    But what if the law is backing up some illegal things like that present in the Felony division would following the rule be advisable is the question that arises. A boy is caught near a store in which a murder is committed, the boy was in his car and as he was near thus he could be the criminal according to the law. Mike and Rosie quickly accept the case from Melinda who wants her son back.

    Once again the same pattern is followed that Sheldon Siegel is keeping up for a long time i.e the one accused is found to be having a relation with Mike. Tim Campbell marches on in this eighth part and the impressive narration goes one with no error anywhere.

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