Christmas Every Day


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Jenny didn’t want to get mixed into society because of certain issues. She liked living alone and she had her own reasons which she didn’t want to discuss. When she inherited the cottage of her grandmother, she found herself an ideal place to hide from the rest of the world. With no money and job, she also thought that she would not survive for a long time so she was in dire need of help.

At this stage, the author Beth Moran brings forward another character who is present right next to Jenny’s house. It’s Mack, the next door neighbor of this shy girl and he is completely interested in her case. He likes to provide all the help that she needs in life and perhaps he could offer a lot more but Jenny was too shy to take that next step forward. Through Mack, this young woman gets a chance to enter a strange book club. Here the members don’t come to read rather they have their own missions which they want to fulfill.

Christmas Every Day

A few of them are in search of happiness while others want to cherish love. Jenny suddenly starts feeling that she has found the right place in this world and with Mack on her side, she can finally rise and gain some self-respect as well.

Helen Keeley likes narrating stories with characters who have the zeal to rise high. Here Jenny didn’t have that energy initially but later she emerges well like the characters in Let It Snow. This is a novel in which the character transforms and becomes better in her life. Just the Way You Are is much interesting for people who like love stories but in general, all these books are worthy because of the concept.


Solace House

Just the Way You Are


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