Solace House


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    It is said that history repeats itself and the history which is repeating itself in this novel is really horrible. No one wanted such a history to get repeated again because it is linked to a murder of a woman whose head was never found by the police. Holly Stewart had nothing to do with all of that. The woman wanted a new beginning in her life and when she came to the Solace House, she was sure that she would be finding peace of mind eventually.

    The house was linked to a murder but Holly thought that she had nothing to do with that. However, when she settled in, she was astonished that her life started going toward doom. Her husband lost his job soon after coming to this house and her children were not having a good time at school either. Someone strange is trying to dig into their garden at night. Detective Jackman wants to help the family but he has an old case to deal with which has remained unsolved for the last twenty years.

    Solace House

    Marie Evans also joins in the show later on in the story as she finds another dead body with the same mark that was found on the headless dead body twenty years ago. Joy Ellis brings the story back to Holly’s house after taking it to the old case.

    Somehow Holly gets connected to that old case and she does not know that the life of her family is on the line. Trick of the Night and Crime on the Fens are full of adventure and thrill for those who find this book worth to listen in the voice of Richard Armitage. Just wait until the story gets concluded and you will realize the meaning of thrill for sure.

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