Blockade Billy


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Stephen King is a name that needs no introduction in the world of writing. He is considered as the doctor of horror and mystery genre and has excelled with his ideas and the level of imagination he portrays through his strong characters. This audiobook predominantly revolves around the character of William Blockade Billy Blakely, who is a famous baseball player from the renowned Major league of the game. The story reveals the haunting experiences of the player, which eventually distant him from the game.

The progress through the tale pens each and every effort which was made for removing any possible, whether, little or small evidence that Blockade Billy has ever been a part of the professional baseball team. Completely removing an entirety of the man associated with the game is something which only Stephen King could think and deliver. The center of attention of this story is the Blockade Billy’s secret which was more powerful than any kind of pill or injection, capable of resulting in a sports scandal today. The secret was big and unfortunately much worse than one could think of.

Blockade Billy

The characters of the story got bigger than life output through the powerful and emotional voice of Craig Wasson, who is the main narrator of the story and more so, the voice of the Blockade Billy. This novel runs on audio for good 2 hours and 40 minutes and promises great content and value for the time you invest in.Though people may enjoy many things in this whole audiobook, the composed story keeps you listening to it until the end.

If you want similar flavor, from the same author, but on the entirely different ground, then check out his other phenomenal work, such as The Dark Tower I, Sleeping Beauties and the unforgettable The Stand horror novel.


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