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The Quillan Games

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The Quillan Games is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the seventh chapter in the Pendragon novel series. The book is written by D. J. MacHale. He is an author from the USA and is also known for his work as an executive producer and director. If you check his literary archives then The Lost City of Faar will pop up at his best. Moreover, his The Pilgrims of Rayne will be a very close second.

The Quillan Games is narrated by William Dufris. He will pull you into this story effortlessly through his impactful voice.

The territory of Quillon was just on the brink of extinction. The inhabitants of the place lost total control of their future. They were supposed to struggle hard for their survival. The only possible chance which they had about a better life was through the playing of the Quillan Games.

The Quillan Games

Veego and LaBerge were a couple of strange game masters. The games to be played there were a mixture of combat and sport. They employed the inhabitants of Quillan as the pawns for all of their fun and amusement. They forced them hard to become part of the competitions which range from impossible obstacle courses to physical battles. On top of that, there were several tests of agility that were computer-driven. To win in the games, one had to live life just as a king. On the other side, to lose was just to die.

You will be completely enthralled by this story. The voice acting was fascinating and you will love to experience all the characters of this book, especially Bobby. The Quillan Games is highly recommended.


The Rivers of Zadaa

The Pilgrims of Rayne


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