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Zombies are deadly there is no doubt about it but this is the thinking of mortal human beings who die very easily. For creatures like Jean-Claude and Anita, Blake zombies are as innocent as human beings because they live in their dumped places and threaten no one. This part changes the conception of all the vampires and weretigers about the zombies. Anita never heard about a zombie disease before, she has spent her life dealing with zombies but a contagious disease of madness spread by zombies is new.

A famous boyfriend of Anita i.e Micah returns for this part, it was this man whom Anita had sex with for the first time in her life. Later her powers were revealed and with it the inner madness that she tried to engage for so long. Micah’s father has the zombie virus inside him and he is rotting soon to become just like them. There is no apparent cure and the zombies who are spreading the virus can walk in the daylight even that makes them stronger than the ordinary vampires.



Anita finds herself in a race against time to stop the spreading of the virus before it’s too late for each one of them. Laurell K. Hamilton is bringing back the themes of chapters like Skin Trade.  There is more action in these episodes and less talk about romance and lust.

The characters are not allowed the time for their emotions and other such things. Kimberly Alexis was all charged up in the previous part and the narrator has not shied to experiment in this part either. With these little experiments in voice quality, the series has become more colorful and attractive.


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Kiss the Dead



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