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Anita’s first crush was on Jean i.e the vampire she helped during the fight for supremacy in the first part. Getting trapped in the seductive approach of a vampire is not a new thing as the glance is always impossible to escape. Keeping Jean at an arms-length was a tough job after falling for him initially but Anita successfully kept herself away. Later she got entangled in a love affair with Micah. With Micah she had sex for the first time then the mental traumas and physical needs started appearing in her.

The experience that she had with Micah paved her way towards Jean too. Laurell K. Hamilton talks only about Micah in this thirteenth part, in the start Anita goes to Philadelphia on official business and takes Micah with her. During their stay in the hotel, they once again get the time to come close to one another and the bond is created again only this time it is a lot stronger. Not only do the two have sex together but they also talk to each other about their plans. Anita faced some troubles in Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams but here the problems are all personal.

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She is not thinking about saving the world rather she is worried about her relationship with her two lovers. The decision has to be made; if this time is wasted the rest of the life would be aimless for all three of them. Just for this one short part, Rey Colette is called for the job of a narrator. Not much can be said about the quality of the narration because the novel was not that much associated with the previous two parts.


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    Incubus Dreams

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