Shadow Puppets


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    Shadow Puppets is an excellent literary writing attempt by Orson Scott Card, which earned him great appreciation from the entire literary fraternity. It is a contemporary science fiction novel, where his strong characters easily connects with its audience. All thanks to the powerful and soulful narration given for this book by David Birney and Stefan Rudnicki. This novel and the entire subject novel series is of contemporary science fiction type.

    Earth and all its society have altered irrevocably after the victory of Ender Wiggin over Formics. The unity forced upon the combatant nations through the alien enemy has finally shattered. All the nations are once again rising, while seeking influence and territory and most crucial of all, looking to get the skills and loyalty from the kids of Battle School.

    Shadow Puppets

    But there was one special person, who has a better idea. His name was Peter Wiggin and he was the older and much more ruthless brother of Ender Wiggin. Peter sees that any kind of hope about good things related to the future of the Earth totally lies in the act of restoring a sense of purpose and unity. On the other end, he has an enticing call on the Earth’s young warrior’s loyalty. Having Bean all at his side, he has the capability, skills and potential to reshape the fate and destiny of our future.

    The novel is a compelling story about Petra and Bean and the forceful Dragon Army of Ender, who together take their places for the sake of setting up a novice government of Earth.

    Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead novels are also penned by the author, Orson Scott Card. These recommended novels as expected are the contemporary science fiction thrillers.

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