Mind Game

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Christine Feehan doesn’t leave any opportunity to impress her fans with her brilliant writing work. The Mind Game novel is a living example of that. It is part 2 of the A GhostWalker Novel series. The book is based on paranormal science fiction genre. Tom Stechschulte has contributed in the success of this book with his brilliant narration.

The book is a follow-up to the opening novel Shadow Game. If you have gone through the first novel of the series, then you must know about the characters being possessed with telekinetic energies. Dahlia le Blanc has spent all her life in complete isolation from her relatives, friends or any other. She has the telekinetic powers and got the ability to burst any object into flames. Just when she started to think that she has achieved enough peace in her life, her well set world just turns upside down.

She couldn’t guess for a reason. She became the prime target of deadly assassins. No place is safe for her, whatsoever. Not even her secret safe haven is not secure, which she actually established long time ago. She is now completely relying on Nicholas Trevane, who is a treacherous warrior sent right after her for tracking her. When they both were together, they were able to generate a very strong heat, which Dahlia never thought would be possible. But, is this man trustworthy for Dahlia to share all her secrets with?

The other popular book by author, Christie Feehan that you must check includes, Shadow Warrior and Dark Illusion. Both these novels are worth your time and will hold a special place amongst the best novels that you have ever read.



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    Shadow Game

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