Murder in the Middle Pasture

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John R. Erickson never fails to let you indulge into the stories written around the creature named Hank who is a Cowdog. The Cowdog never gets behind the scene and he always gets to the point where everyone has to solve the mystery and Hank does its job perfectly making it sure that they will find the cause and the suspect soon.

This story is the mixture of mystery, and murder that has caused all the events that re unexpected and Hank is up for solving the issues.the murder on the ranch initiates the rage on finding all the facts and figures to conduct the truthful investigation that would lead to the real facts that re not known to everybody.

After lots of mystery solving tasks Hank is up to finding out all the facts so that they could reach out the real suspect in a correct way. But the plan turns out to be awful when Hank has to handle the coyotes and they turned the whole mystery into a more difficult one.

Now that Hank has to solve the issue, reach the base of the mystery, he also has to cope with the deadly attack and how he is going to do it is a mystery again. Just like Hank does in the other adventures which are The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog and It’s a Dog’s Life he will surely escape knowing all his capabilities and focusing on the skills he has.







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