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The OZ has always been one of the most favorite series of stories among the kids of all ages where there is a magic, fantasy and all the adventure Dorothy has to go through. It has been seen that through generations, after generations, the charisma of the story behind every book written in the series of OZ has some great meaning for the kids. There are numerous stories related to the OZ and kids enjoy listening to them as they keep following the adventures of Dorothy.

This is the book 3 in the series of Oz and regardless of the other two books in which Dorothy wants to go back home, in this book kids will be listening to a story where Dorothy has a little interest in getting back home whereas her uncle wants to get her back home from the land of OZ.
The same way the kids have been mesmerized listening to these stories, this book also assure longlasting imaginative effect on kids and they will love to listen to the other parts of the series too.the voices, the thrilling events and all the characters that make the story beautiful will surely delight the little minds as the story develops till the end. It is for sure not a boring story and takes you to the adventure and feel like you are there with dorothy.

The thrilling events, the characters and all the emotional feelings in the book are enhanced with the help of the narrator named Pierre Moreau. The narrator has given the best voice and a clear expression of the story.
The other books that you need to get your kids to listen to could be The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears or The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection.
All of these stories are good for kids no matter from which of the age group you belong to. The magic world will surely capture your mind too.


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