Second Foundation

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New ideas, new worlds and an epic struggle are basic ingredients of Isaac Asimov in all of the books. Foundation the first part of the series started with the introduction of a new planet on the far side of the galaxy. Hari knew that the danger was coming to mankind so he hid the asset of human race on that planet. Then came the second part Foundation and Empire in which the transformation of the barbarian world was complete and Empire was ready to put its hands on the Foundation. No one actually wants the planet it is the wisdom and technology that the scientists possess which the warriors need.

Mule the great force in the galaxy destroyed the foundation within no time but then information about a second foundation started roaming around. Hari never established just one foundation, there were actually two and the first one was actually made to keep the second one protected, but this is what the rumor says.

Search is on for the second Foundation but it is not visible at all, not even the Mule has been able to find it. Only a fourteen year old knows about the place and this time the scientist too want to destroy the second Foundation because they know what lies in it. It is a secret so big that it can erase each and every one of them from the universe.

No problem with the narration again, Scott Brick does not allow the audience to raise any objection especially when the novel is with more male characters. Male characters don’t get a separate voice by the narrator but there is a variation in style that does the trick for the listener.

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