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Grave New World Audiobook

Grave New World   The story takes us to a new line and cuts us off from the rest of King’s work that usually focuses on supernatural elements. It good to listen to the old methods of the world when the trade was free all over the world and when …

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Mile 81 Audiobook

mile 81 by stephen king

Mile 81 By Stephen King The story is similar to many of King’s fictional plays. The pattern is the same as that of the The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories. King at this spot in his work is trying to experiment with his works also which is keeping the interest …

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Road Rage Audiobook

Road Rage By Stenphen King

Road Rage The collection of stories has a spice of all the three writers. We find an element of each in the whole work. The story is excellently narrated but perhaps is not for those with quiet nature or who are not bike or speed lovers. The story also possesses …

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UR Audiobook

UR By Stephen King The movement of the story between different worlds and dimension is King’s greatest strength that is once again revealed to its maximum limits in the story. The addiction of the modern technology is also discussed but not at large. The story tells us about e-books but …

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LT’s Theory of Pets Audiobook

LT’s Theory of Pets By Stephen King The story is again quite beautifully painted by Stephen King and no doubt that has been his main strength all the time. His pen has beautifully described the life of pets and pet owners. Though the title firstly appeals to the pet lovers …

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