The Last Affair

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The Last Affair is a fictional novel. It is written by Margot Hunt. She is a bestselling writer in USA Today. For Better and Worse is an excellent and latest novel of the author which became a bestseller and was praised as the Book of the Month. Best Friends Forever is another excellent title by the author that you will surely love.

The audio narration of The Last Affair novel is done by Vivienne Leheny. The performance was insufferably horrible and that annoyed listeners.

Love might be blind but obsession at the other end could be the real killer.

Nora was not that kind of a lady. She was not the type who had an illegitimate relationship with a married man. But Josh was almost everything that his alcoholic husband of Nora wasn’t. She and Josh were so infatuated that they could hardly stay away from each other.

Abby was Josh’s young daughter. She was back home from her college and was nursing her broken heart. She was looking for solace and no more scandal at all. Therefore, when she caught her father kissing Nora she vowed to take that homewrecker down.

Gwen was the mother of Abby and Josh’s wife. Anyone from the outside trying to look in, that mother of two was the one living a typical yet ideal suburban life. But only until her dead body was found one day.

The Shoreham seaside town was supposed to be the ideal place to raise a family. It was not a place where the housewives get viciously murdered. So who was the one behind the murder of Gwen?

The story was mostly good but the ending was not that much. The main issue was with the narration which ruined the experience of the listeners.

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