The Most Fun We Ever Had

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The Most Fun We Ever Had is a literary fiction novel. Just as the title, you will also recall it with the same kind of feeling. It is deeply engrossing and that is the beauty of this novel. Claire Lombardo has written this novel in a very interesting way. All the characters and the storyline is absolutely captivating. On top of that, the beautiful and powerful narration by Emily Rankin takes this novel to another level.

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The story is about David Sorenson and Marilyn Connolly, who fell in love in 1970. They were completely ignorant about the future and what it has in store for them. By the year 2016, their 4 daughters are all in a state of extreme unrest. Wendy, who got widowed at a very young age use to find her peace with alcohol and with that, some younger men as well. Violet is a stay at home mom, who is battling depression, anxiety and self-doubt, especially when her dark past comes in front of her again. Liza, the third daughter is a neurotic and a novice professor. She is pregnant with a baby and not sure if he loves the man or she want him to be with her. Grace is the 4th and the youngest of all daughters. She started to live a life, which nobody in the family could even suspect. On top of all this, all of the 4 daughters started to think that they will never have the kind of love, which their parents use to have.

If you are looking for more novels by Claire Lombardo, then Der grobte Spab. den wir je hatten is another fine literary fiction novel from the author that you can consider.

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