The Night She Disappeared

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This is a mysterious and suspense novel.  This thrilling novel is written by Lisa Jewell. Lisa Jewell is a phenomenal writer.  she belongs to Britain. She is a well-known author of famous fiction. She wrote a large number of books. Some are The She Was Gone, I Found You, Watching You, Invisible Girl, The Family Upstairs, The Girls, Ralph’s Party, The House We Grew Up In, Before I Met, A Friend Of The Family, Thirtynothing, The Truth About the Melody Browne, Dream Streets, Vince and Joy, One-Hit Wonder, After the Party, and The Third Wife. . If you want to see, same authors at their best then do refer to their Then She Was Gone and I Found You novels. These novels are getting good remarks from listeners and readers.

The narrator of this love story is Joanne Froggat. She is an excellent narrator with a sweet voice. Her clear voice is best for this narration. I cannot listen to such a narrator who involves deeply in the story and takes you in the depth of the love story. Excellent narration by Joanne Froggat. She is one of the best narrators of novels.

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The brilliant author wrote a beautiful novel. The story revolves between two characters. A young boy and girl who love each other. One day they attend a party of a new friend. After the party, they disappeared. Nobody found them. After one year the author moves to the cottage which is near the border. She likes such areas. The story takes a turn. Will she find them? Or will there be something dangerous for this author? Listen to this trilled novel and come to know what will be happening next. Good job with the amazing narration. Member Benefit

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