Trial by Fire

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Trial by Fire is the second boon in the Archemi Online Series. It follows up the story in the first book Dragon Seed. Here, Author James Baldwin is more of a thriller/mystery than a LitRPG adventure. It is an interesting and entertaining book that complements the story at the beginning of the first book. Auther James Baldwin still created that anxious and intriguing atmosphere where the reader is always expecting something to change any minute.

Narrators Laurie Catherine,  Jeff Hays, and Justin James continued with their excellent diction work. However, there were some mispronounced words by Justin James, which could easily have affected the overall performance of the book. However, narrator Jeff Hays stood out among the three narrators. His performance and oral abilities make up for the little flaws of other narrators.

However, the character representation and development was spot on. The characters developed slowly, but they came into the whole picture at the right time.

Just like in the first book in the series, Trial by Fire chronicles the life journey of Hector Park, who cheated death in the first book.

The story of man and dragon could be as fictional as it can get. But author James Baldwin, just like he did in The Heroic Villain, gave the book a real-life outlook.

The relationship between Hector Park and his dragon is an interesting one. Hector is on the run with the young female dragon. He and the dragon have overcome a lot of dreadful situations together, but more challenges are coming ahead. But the worst has happened. A crazy developer is haunting Archeni. But Hector and his dragon are determined to stop him, and they will only achieve this only if they work together.



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